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Betsy InfoTech.
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10 Steps in a Project

Collect Project Requirements
Develop Statement of Work
Construct Project Team & Timeline
Contract Approval
Generate Design Concepts
Develop Technical Documents
Build Software & Content
Quality Assurance & Testing
Release to Public
Market, Maintain & Monitor

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Web Design Overview

When you browse the Internet, the first impression you get from a Web site is its design - look & feel. Like a nice store-front attracts more clients, a nice, elegant looking Website design makes visitors want to linger more and more in a website.Our web design company understands that the success of your online presence begins with an original and well conceived design. Your customers will be able to take a look and say "WOW !!! How attractive, professional, clean and user friendly this site is. I like spending time here!". Check out our company's Web design Portfolio of successfully completed web design projects and see the diversity of tools and the latest technologies we have worked with. We offer a complete range of Web design services, including graphic concepts and work, logos and banner design, Web site building, animation and presentations. Our web design solutions are always flexible and custom-tailored. All our web development works are always original, unique, attractive and robust. Please, take a moment to look at our company portfolio of previous design works.


Web Development Overview

In today's digital world, a website is a company's identity. Betsy InfoTech takes considerable time to investigate your market and optimize your company's established character. Initial site planning is paramount in producing a first-rate website. Although clients are thoroughly involved in the approval process during all production phases, we take special care at the opening of a project to meet personally with our clients and create detailed documents outlining each phase of a project. Accurate specifications, schedules and mockups that are approved by our client and optimized by our talented designers and project managers ensure all projects are completed with the utmost efficiency and to the our client's complete satisfaction.


E-commerce Overview

E-commerce refers to any business conducted online over the Internet. Any small or big business companies can have its catalogue on the Internet and benefit from selling its goods or services. This is an exceptionally cost effective way to promote your business, generate extra profits and deliver great services to your customers. Check out our company's Web Design Portfolio of successfully completed e-commerce projects and see the diversity of tools and the latest technologies we have worked with.


ERP Overview

BETSY InfoTech provides the ERP solutions it involves the performance of business operations of an entire multi sided enterprise into one database, one application and one user interface. It helped to many customers to achieved desired goals by integrating Information technology with their business process. We are offering ERP package at simple, cheaper and pre-configured easy to install solutions within budget and time constraints. We provide centrally managed internet enabled ERP system based services for SMEs to access and use anytime from any where.

BETSY ERP solutions is designed to
Enables integration of business process and standardization
Support backend business activities
Cost reduction and easy adaptability
E-business and e-commerce

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Our Mission

The standards and expectations of owners, design and developer were extremely high on this outstanding quality project.

We are committed to providing a professional service conducted with the highest level of integrity, Professionalism and Trust. We endeavour to establish long-term relationships with our clients by ensuring that their projects are completed to the best quality, on time and on budget, through a quality management system, which ensures continuous improvement and strives for excellence within our field.

Our Goals

- High quality services
- Timely executed
- Properly planned
- Easy maintenance
- Cost effective.

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